Puckler Media & Consult GmbH

The spectrum of services and other activities performed by Puckler Media & Consult GmbH (“PucklerMC“) nationally and globally is wide. It follows a broad breakdown of key-areas:


1. Turn-Key content production service solutions on all four continents

PucklerMC solutions is a one stop shop for creative producers and ad agencies to deliver high-quality audiovisual content productions for commercials and films.

PucklerMC project manages the entire process in accordance with the engagement letter. Working with managed clients in Europe and the Americas and with a network of contacts in Asia and Africa, PucklerMC is able to provide full service productions.


2. Content Development and Production

PucklerMC develops and produces original fictional content.

Currently its development slate consists of serialized content (horizontals and procedurals) and feature films. For more information, check this space for updates.


3. International Management and Representation

PucklerMC runs a boutique management department, with clear focus on writers, directors and acting talent. For more information, check this space for updates.


4. Consulting across the board and industries

In accordance with type and scope of the specific contract/engagement, PucklerMC regularly relies on co-operation with external partners in order to provide the necessary expertise and manpower required. PucklerMC puts together and manages such an engagement team.