Puckler Media & Consult GmbH

Biography of the Managing Director


For more than a decade and half Björn Puckler (“BP”) has been working as independent consultant with focus on the media-/entertainment industry. Among his clients and partners are e.g. producers, writers, directors, local and international sales agents and distribution companies, post-houses, literary agents etc.

After a short stint in his profession as photographer and prior to shifting the core focus of his consulting to the movie business, BP worked for the Deutsche Bank in London, where he obtained first experience in project management in his role as personal assistant to the Project Manager. Afterwards BP spent several years at the family office (Wirtschaftsprüfung & Steuerberatung und Unternehmensberatung), starting out as administrative staff and later working as personal assistant to the owner and team-member/-assistant on consulting and auditing projects nationally as well as internationally. During that period he garnered cross-industry know-how and much practical on-the-job experience.


Between 2003 and 2009, BP has provided his expertise to individual clients dba featurefilmscout.


As co-founder and member, BP managed the day-to-day business of Shoreline Entertainment Management, LLC, an internationally active talent management company based in Los Angeles, from 2009 until its closure at the end of 2013. During that period, BP managed and oversaw the careers of e.g. screenwriters, directors and producers. He negotiated option deals, contracts for writers and directors, settlements and co-productions.


In the past, BP has managed well established writers and producers whose track records included Hollywood Blockbusters as well as internationally successful TV-shows.


At PucklerMC, BP continues his talent manager activities with a small boutique talent management arm.


In his role as managing director of PucklerMC, BP has expanded the spectrum of consultancy broadly. On an individual case by case contract, PucklerMC puts together and leads a team of experts sourced from a large and longstanding network.


Furthermore he acts as Executive Producer.


Under BP's guidance PucklerMC has seen continued growth and 2019 brings about the company's expansion into original content production. Its first publically announced project is JEANNY, a thriller-miniseries inspired by Falco's 80's Hit with the same title. Currently in development with Peter Koller serving as headwriter.